Telling Stories

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Truth wrapped in character, setting, plot, sometimes even lies, deceit and suffering. The human’s spiritual experience is an unfolding story of grace. At this blog, Rocks.Roots.Wings. I tell stories as I mine for grace. I pass grace that on to you, friend and reader, fellow storyteller, life-liver and truth-seeker.

The following are categories of stories that you’ll find here. Enjoy and share in the conversation, the sweeping story of our lives.

Stories from Scripture.

The Bible has been a best-seller longer than any other book in publication. The most evil antagonists, the unlikely heroes, the beaten-but-not-destroyed, the beauties and the beasts, the fair maids, the jealous siblings and zealous communicators all congregate in this tremendous tome of human life and the transforming power of  redemption. I like to find characters, well-known and obscure, and bring their present slices of their stories in fresh, unexpected ways. Like the bleeding woman whose courageous desperation impelled her toward the hem of the Healer’s Robe, and, the day Moses’ hands remained steady and God delivered his people from a raging Amalekite army, and the outcast handmaid who had a God that saw her , we need to reopen and repeat the miracle of redemption.

Stories from Life.

Experience is a great teacher. As we explore our unique and shared experiences, we begin to see the golden threads of community. There are life experiences that I share with you because I think we may need to learn from them, like when my daughter almost didn’t come home from first grade, and when we wondered about when the poppies popped and why push-mowers sing poetry. I also express lessons I’ve learned as a survivor and in recovery from traumatic injury.

Stories about Influencers.

Who has influenced you? While we can make lists of people who influenced us spiritually or in our careers, the most influential people are usually those we grew up with. Parents, siblings and family of all shades molds and shapes (sometimes for good or bad) our personalities and perspectives. I have an ongoing, random series of stories about my dad, called Living Like Lew, where I share memories and impressions of how my father influenced me as a young girl growing up; they are mini-memoirs, if you will. These stories are some of my most popular and most personal. I also write about my beautiful mamma, my sisters, my husband and my kids, even the cat. They all know I love them and ask for grace as I tell our stories even as they occur.

Stories about my Passions.

I love writing, coffee, Ethiopia and gardening. These topics come up as I connect grace points along that golden thread of grace.

And I want right here, to say thank you, to you friends, for reading, engaging and living this story along with me. A writer needs readers and needs response and engagement in order to keep going. I appreciate you and your time and imagination and I value your experiences, too.






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