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What I Tell My Boys About Girls, Sex and Vaginas

Sex can be both reproductive and miraculous. It can also be safe and fun and wonderful. But never outside of it’s place. And long before sex, a guy needs to understand he never, ever can rightly claim ownership of a functioning vagina or the woman it belongs to. Therefore he cannot ever understand the depth of pain and debilitating shame that comes when a guy claims a vagina for his own like some historical European explorer shoving a flag into the soil of a far flung island and saying, “Mine.”


The God Who Sees {Redemption for the Outcasts-Hope for the Hurting}

Are some mistakes, some lives even, unredeemable? Are there some pits of sin, some secrets of the past, some truly horrible choices that a Holy God cannot accept? The corporate response replies, “No! Remember John 3:16!”  But within the hearts of so many, the silent voice questions, “What about my choices, my past? I just don’t think God can accept those things, and they’re a part of me, so I too must be unacceptable. /// Many, many years ago, a slave girl was taken into the home of a very rich man. She did her work well and eventually became a handmaid to the rich man’s wife. Years passed. The rich man worried, for he had no son. Without a son what would become of his fortune? The rich man’s wife worried, because it seemed her womb was closing and there were no children. The man who had everything didn’t have the one thing that mattered, an heir. And it was her fault. So she thought of her maid and an idea niggled in her …