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Can God Earn My Trust?

I have put my trust in the Lord God, that I may declare your works. {Psalm 73:28b, NKJV} There’s something about God I really appreciate. He’s Trustworthy. He is worth my trust. He dignifies me–my mind, my body, my spirit–by earning my trust. And, he does the same for you, too. It’s one of God’s characteristics that draws us to him intimately, personally, and proves that he’s interested in a relationship with each of us and not after our religious actions. He wants to help us understand: life, ourselves, him. By being constantly trustworthy, he says, “I care about you”. And he is impeccable in his trustworthy manner. He never sloughs off his dutiful attention to earning our trust. He can’t. He simply cannot not be trusted. Advertisements

Arriving on Empty — An old man worships

“He leaned on the top of his walking stick and worshiped God.” {Hebrews 11:21} Darkened by layers of skins and blankets, his tent felt cool, despite the irrepressible heat of the desert. Here and there strands of sunlight pierced through cracks in the coverings and like gleaming pillars, stood as sentinels around the temporary room. There he stood, ancient as the desert that birthed him, leaning upon his cane and with a whisper spoke the future over Joseph’s sons, his grandsons. He passed the paternal words on to his sons, his earthly possessions were no doubt divided and Jacob, the last of the trio of the Hebrew forefathers, was empty-handed leaning on a walking stick standing barefoot on an animal skin floor. One hundred forty seven years old. Finally empty handed. Finally worshiping God. Jacob had become an old man. Illness and age moved in and set up residence in his body. He was in Egypt, a foreigner there, yet welcomed by the Egyptian government because of his son, Joseph’s, preeminent position just beneath King …