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Simply Jesus, Day 11

Run to find Jesus! You are sure to find this amazing savior who promised to give you life in exchange for death, eternal mercy and joy instead of dark isolation, and a restored position as a child of the Most High God! Because God is a fulfiller of promises.


Simply Jesus, Day 7

So God works in our lives, too. We with wobbly-faith and show-me attitudes.
He does his best work and his most perfect will because of his love for us, not because of our love for him.
He gives us room to grow, silent places in which to think and wander and pray, lonely times when we long for his presence.
His gives us new promises to hold in our arms and in our hearts and lullabies of praise and helps us sing the love song back to him, because of this “tender mercy of our God by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven to shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death to guide our feet into the path of peace.”

Running on Grace

You guys, I RAN! Today! In the middle of my two-mile walk to the end of picturesque Cherry Lane, I picked up my sneakered feet and started running! And kept on running!   A whole Quarter Mile. I heard the (albeit slow) plod-plod-plod-plod pace of my jogging on the gravely pavement, the huffing of my own hot breath, the wind in my ears and I got all out-of-breath and laughed and ran a little more! And seriously, with each step I thought of you dear people who helped, prayed, served, cooked, cared, loved me back from the brink of death and the helplessness of my brokenness. I saw your faces, heard your words – loved you back with my little jogging spurt as best as I could. Because I am not a miracle of my own strength. I am a graced girl, loved healthy by a community who cared, by individuals who, by their own choice, became the hands and feet of the incarnation of the grace-giver of life and love himself, Jesus.   I …

The Truth About Joy {and how to have it}

And when I awaken in the shadows, the house breathing in all its darkness, feeling the very terror of spinning through space on this small planet and wondering…I remember joy. Joy in the storm, joy in the pain, joy in the moments when death loomed, joy in the simple words:

I’ve told you this so that you may have my joy and that your joy may be complete.

And I whisper in the dark: thank you.