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The Advent Fulfilled: Looking Closely At King Herod’s Blood-Stained Hands

Christmas devotions are spent in the living room, sprawled on the floor and snuggling on couches. The soft, twinkling lights on the tree cast magic into the room and we tell the story, again, of the appearance of the angel to Mary, of the travels to to Bethlehem, of the night the canopy of sky rolled back and the glory of heaven appeared and angels sang. But the day King Herod ordered the slaughter of Bethlehem boys… well, that sounds like the record was ripped from the player and the needle scratches and we sit stunned by the grotesque. And every year my kids are aghast at the horror of that king’s actions and we talk about what history tells us about Herod the Great, King of the Jews under Caesar. Ultimately, the question comes: why didn’t God stop him from killing babies? Advertisements

Speaking Truth In The Dark {How to Pray Through the Fear}

I’m worried about Billy and I wouldn’t want to leave him behind. It’s ten o’clock at night and I’m changing bedsheets. I’d forgotten earlier. I’ve been distracted, looking at my computer screen changing words around, editing, writing this story of mine. I never made it down to his room to put new sheets on his bed. What are you talking about? I ask, as I pile the menagerie of stuffed animals from his bed to the floor, pull off the comforter, unwrap the corners of the sheets from the mattress. Billy, the frog. If we have a fire. I don’t want to leave him behind. The most important thing if there’s a fire is to get out, I say looking at his face. There is worry in his eyes. Well, Mrs. Miller said we shouldn’t take the time to get any pets out. And Zuzu and Clarence can run out, but Billy’s in the tertarium. He always says it wrong. Are you talking about fire safety at school? I ask. Yeah, and I was thinking, we …

Air and Mercy {A poem of hope}

When air came in small and left me wanting more like a starving child, my eyes round with want and my mind racing too quickly for me to catch a thought, I sucked in slow and deliberate. I listened to the voice say: “I’m working as fast as I can, soon we’ll be breathing for you”. Mercy Shining Above like the lone star that caught my eye. I stared hard toward it– past the hands, and the tubes, the needles flashing and the the swirl of lights that illumined the night. red    white    blue    white    red That solitary point of fire held me Through the open end of the helicopter, and I inhaled Hope and it’s good, good light. joining Theme Thursday here