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Living Like Lew #5 {A Construction Worker for the Kingdom}

I get weepy when I see old woodworking tools at yard sales. I want to gather them up, like so many priceless treasures and put them into my dovetail-cornered maple toolbox, where they belong. Covered in the layers of years and the grit of physical labor, those castaway tools represent something to me. The old planer that produces perfect curls of pine, scented fresh, that leaves behind a surface smooth. The hand drill that looks like the one I played with as a child, turning it’s bent handle to bore holes into scrapwood. The angled chisel that required a skilled hand to chip, chip, chip away the uneven spots. You see, my Dad, Lew, was a carpenter by trade and a preacher by calling. Advertisements

The Advent Fulfilled: My Prayer This Christmas

“It’s a scary thing to pray for someone to recognize her own need for Jesus,” she confided, “Because you don’t really know what God might allow to bring that about.” I nodded. I agree. And I know from personal experience that it’s not enough to “be on good terms with God”. It’s a comfortable place, the good-terms-position, because it relies on the grace found in the name of Jesus Christ while denying the requisite of the shedding of his blood. It relies on the good nature of God while ignoring his justice. It relies on the morality of ones’ actions and dismisses the whole of the person Immanuel. Because however it happened, whatever it took to place the person of God into a crying, suckling, messy human baby, it didn’t happen so that we could keep grace in our back pockets and face the day to day according to our own wills. God himself submitted his will to the necessary, the vile, the reproachable so that I can have the freedom to choose or deny …

The Advent Fulfilled: How to Be A Mother to The Son of God

What does a mother do when she holds this in her arms? “For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:2,6 And what does she make of these words, spoken tenderly from an old man to a young mother: “This child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel, and to be a sign that will be spoken against, so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed. And a sword will pierce you own soul too.” And after Simeon, wise and old, “righteous and devout” finishes blessing the child and cautioning Mary of the future troubles, ancient Anna hobbles up and with a great smile, toothless no doubt, nearly blind at eighty-four years of age, begins to praise Yahweh for this baby who would be the “redemption of Israel”.

How To Run With A Titanium Rod in Your Leg {a milestone}

That fall, the one immediately following our accident in August 2011, the back-to-school routine ran a little differently. Things fell into a rhythm, as they always do with the reappearance of backpacks and homework folders and big, yellow busses, but our rhythm was syncopated. Things get a little bit “off” when mom can’t walk, when mom can’t cook or even serve her own self a cup of coffee, when mom’s life revolves around her pain meds and doctor appointments. Just a little whacky.

I’m So Glad I’m Here – Embracing the Present Tense

here I’ve texted the single word here just after I put the car in park and wait. It’s the most succinct way to say: I’m in the car outside the school waiting for you so. Here suffices nicely. It is the opposite of there but it means so much more: together, let’s go, hurry up. Here and there will forever be separated by a chasm of geography. But, is it more than that? I’m so glad I’m here – I choke out these words through emotions and yes, often tears. Because here is where I want to be, and I almost wasn’t. And that near miss of the adventure of this life with my husband, with my kids, with the people I love gilds the time I do have with them. And while it makes the opportunities to share life together more golden, I also feel this pressure building in my chest, in my soul to make it count, enjoy it more, express my truth, love intentionally. A few weeks after our accident, I was …