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To Make Art of Our Tears

We held a small memorial for a little creature whose ability to receive love taught us all a big lesson: to love is to name is to care is to keep. It is to mourn and to cry, too; and it is to continue to create and care about the living and the dying and the not-yet-born.

One does not need to do anything remarkable to be an object of love. One only needs to be that which it is – cat, boy, mom, dad, human, alive.


An Apple In Hand {A celebration, a Revelry, a Reason for Joy}

“I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God.” {Isaiah 61:10} I’ll never forget when my new friend, Werku Gole, smiled as he stared into a glass of clear tap water. We were having a dinner to get to know Werku and his little wife, Hallelujah, who live and minister to their countrymen in Ethiopia. That was thirteen years ago. After Werku smiled at his water, he took a long drink and sighed. I caught him reveling. Reveling in the goodness of clean drinking water, reveling in the possibility of it. How often am I guilty of not being present in the blessings in my life? Guilty of missing even the possibility of blessing? The common goodness becomes commonplace when I fail to take notice and celebrate. A baby’s small cry or the dust motes dancing in the sunbeam, the taste of dark chocolate or the rough surface of my husband’s hands can be ho-hum, hum-drum, unnoticed, unworthy of my delight as I dart about the task of completing my schedule. Oh, …