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A Letter to New Parents: Make Fear Your Ally

I can tell you this: being brave enough to recognize fear as it manifests itself in your own temperament and day-to-day living will give you the stepping stones that you need to bravely, confidently, lovingly, even with your internal organs gathering up in your throat, give those fledglings the push they need to fall from the nest and stick their God-given wings out onto the air of adulthood.


Living Like Lew #1

Here’s a piece of shocking news: We all have imperfect parents. If we have kids, then we are the imperfect parents. And, we’re raising the imperfect parents of the future. But don’t despair, science has proven that we are optimists (see Time) in spite of our routine failure. That optimism keeps us trucking along toward better days, improved relationships, happier children. That optimism also fuels the stories I’ll be telling about my Dad. He has been the most imperfect influence and human example of God’s love I’ve known in my life. His teaching (he was a pastor) undoubtedly shaped me, but it was his living that left the deepest impressions on my memory and my spirit. He describes himself as “A sinner, saved by grace” and he’s right. But so am I. In honor of him for Father’s Day I’m writing Living Like Lew. A handful of truth and a pocketful of wisdom from my eighty-two-year-old dad for all you parents or parents-to-be out there. Lesson from Lew #1 — Stay head-over-heels in love with …