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To Make Art of Our Tears

We held a small memorial for a little creature whose ability to receive love taught us all a big lesson: to love is to name is to care is to keep. It is to mourn and to cry, too; and it is to continue to create and care about the living and the dying and the not-yet-born.

One does not need to do anything remarkable to be an object of love. One only needs to be that which it is – cat, boy, mom, dad, human, alive.


Stuff of Stars {What We’re Really Made Of…}

In the picture framed by the window, I see heads bent in nature study: spider in a jar, spinning silk.  Bare feet kicking hot summer air, creating a breeze in a breathless August afternoon. They brandish digital cameras and itouches in juxtaposed irony–endeavoring to capture bugs in jars and pixels. And I want to press palms to soft cheeks, look deep eye-to-eye and declare, “You are filled with the stuff of stars, you are”. It’s true. Minds capable of holding more, grasping more facts than mine, have figured it out, boiled it down to hard science. Through formulas and Einstein’s figures, theories and stellar observations of supernovas, science claims we humans are filled with the elements that swirl in the heated center of our very own sun: magnesium, calcium, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen (and more). This somehow reasserts the Big Bang Theory that blasted elements into an airless space producing a planet, a home and a backyard friendly to life that hold the spider in the jar with his sticky-silk thread, the bees that miraculously keep …