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Running on Grace

You guys, I RAN! Today! In the middle of my two-mile walk to the end of picturesque Cherry Lane, I picked up my sneakered feet and started running! And kept on running!   A whole Quarter Mile. I heard the (albeit slow) plod-plod-plod-plod pace of my jogging on the gravely pavement, the huffing of my own hot breath, the wind in my ears and I got all out-of-breath and laughed and ran a little more! And seriously, with each step I thought of you dear people who helped, prayed, served, cooked, cared, loved me back from the brink of death and the helplessness of my brokenness. I saw your faces, heard your words – loved you back with my little jogging spurt as best as I could. Because I am not a miracle of my own strength. I am a graced girl, loved healthy by a community who cared, by individuals who, by their own choice, became the hands and feet of the incarnation of the grace-giver of life and love himself, Jesus.   I …

25 Gifts-Why Jesus? (Advent 2014, Day 13)

I love knowing you. I love knowing that you’re there and sometimes you read my words and we can through this weird thing called the internet, connect in community. I have been a church-girl for a long time and honestly, the community has hurt and confused me. Sometimes I’ve hurt others. We are each one imperfect and in-process. So, our community won’t always be ideal. But, the goal of Christ and the promise is that we will be complete one day. Until then, let’s look for opportunities to uplift one another, forgive one another and face heavenward together.

When Your Story is a Dumb, Sob-Story {How to Handle Harsh}

He called my story a sob story. That would make me the “sob-ber” –not really attractive. He then proceeded to call my story and how I told it –dumb. Three times dumb, said he. And it cut a little, like a strip of stray wood cuts the soft flesh of a palm, digging into the cutaneous layers, unwelcome. And my first response was to flush pink in a rush of hurt and anger. After all, I am my story and my story is I. And yours is you, is it not?

The Advent Fulfilled: The Beginning of the All People Society, of which I am a member

LUKE 2:10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. All people. The angel said it. The singular message of the annunciation of Jesus is inclusive: for all people. We tend run ruts and circles and see the same people, the same circumstances, the same economic strata, day after day after year. This isn’t a bad thing, because we are to live the life we’ve been given, in the place where we live, but it can be to our detriment that we fail to see the infinite possibility of these two words: all people. These three syllables are vast as the ocean and harder to explore, define and understand than space. All those people, all those souls,  all those dreamy-eyed moms and beaten down garbage pickers in India, all the Hindus bathing in dirty, sacred rivers and illiterate natives fishing the Amazon, the screaming day trader on the stock exchange floor, the old man who made terrible mistakes, the …