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What I Tell My Boys About Girls, Sex and Vaginas

Sex can be both reproductive and miraculous. It can also be safe and fun and wonderful. But never outside of it’s place. And long before sex, a guy needs to understand he never, ever can rightly claim ownership of a functioning vagina or the woman it belongs to. Therefore he cannot ever understand the depth of pain and debilitating shame that comes when a guy claims a vagina for his own like some historical European explorer shoving a flag into the soil of a far flung island and saying, “Mine.”


3 Ways To Be an Awesome-Sauce Valentine

He does this every year.
And I think that’s the very first secret of being an awesome-sauce Valentine.
Every year my husband, my girl’s daddy, regular-working-guy, Angelo, makes Valentine’s Day special.
He’s never bought me a Lexus with a giant bow on top or booked a Mediterranean cruise. He buys grocery store flowers and some candy and alternately a romantic/cheesy/silly/corny/sentimental card. He writes in the card and licks the sticky edge and seals it.

Get up and wait – a lesson in humility

A quiet lesson in humility {Matthew 8:14-15} Wordlessly, she busied herself with meal preparations. With least a dozen, hungry travelers to feed, it would take a bit of creativity to make the stew stretch. I’ll make more bread, she thought, as she reached for the jar that held milled grain. She listened to the men talking about the recent events. So much had been happening, they spoke in layers and all at once, laughing, questioning, increasing in volume. She, too, had been on the mountainside while Jesus taught such amazing things. Never had any rabbi spoke the way he did. He spoke of happiness and blessing instead of legal issues and politics. He caused a ripple of disgust in the crowd when he talked about divorce and another when he told them to love their enemies.  And just as he was beginning to teach about prayer, she began to shudder with the chills and her stomach churned. She was tremendously ill. The sickness hit her suddenly, but then she realized she’d been achy in her …