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A Letter to New Parents: Make Fear Your Ally

I can tell you this: being brave enough to recognize fear as it manifests itself in your own temperament and day-to-day living will give you the stepping stones that you need to bravely, confidently, lovingly, even with your internal organs gathering up in your throat, give those fledglings the push they need to fall from the nest and stick their God-given wings out onto the air of adulthood.


Brave Not Me {an essay}

{Friends, I signed up for a memoir workshop with Tweetspeak Poetry. There are about ten brave souls taking courageous steps toward better understanding their own stories in order to share them with readers. But first, we are learning to share them with each other. It’s an online class, which eliminates the nervous in-person issues and could help us hide behind the distance of the world wide web. But, they are truth seekers and truth speakers and their bravery inspires me. Whatever your story is, there is beauty and redemption in it. The work to write our stories is hard and requires serious moxy. This little piece is dedicated to my memoir classmates. You bless me with bravery.} I was only eight. Courage was something I knew nothing about, like sex and driving cars and reading my dad’s black, leather bound Bible. Brave was not in my lunchbox or my coat-pocket. Brave was a higher branch on a tree. Higher than I ever needed to climb. Brave was taller than me. I was books. I was …