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25 Gifts-Why Jesus {Advent 2014, Day 12}

This is a story about a king who would be born, raised up to power and chosen by God to free his people from captivity, to return them to their homeland and restore them. But it’s not a story about Jesus.


25 Gifts – Why Jesus? {Advent 2014, Day 11}

And Jesus understands. He knows that we need to have a better way to identify ourselves.
So today, let’s try this: I’m from God’s own heart; I’m God’s own hands and his own voice and his love-note to my neighbors and community; I’m God’s own plan and his own pride-and-joy! And so are you!

25 Gifts – Why Jesus? (Advent 2014, Day 10)

So today’s gift of Jesus is this incredible eternal love, so startlingly simple and so tremendously divine, given so freely. His purpose is not only to draw us into his love but to love others through us.

We have to deliberate this individually, reflectively ask ourselves if eternal love is happening in and through our lives. We can, each of us, set aside our darling preferences and let God love this world freely through us.

25 Gifts – Why Jesus? {Advent 2014, Day 9}

If we claim the name and salvation of Jesus Christ, lets stop it with the moaning about the injustices of this world and it’s inherent diseased and cancerous patterns. Let’s jump off the bandwagons and throw ourselves at the foot of the cross, the only source of real glory. Let’s take our everyday lives and place them before God as an offering.

It’s the one gift God wants at Christmas. And the exchange? He gives us unmerited, unlimited, marvelous newness.