My Passion


Working with words has been a passion of mine since I was in single digits. I was very proud of my poems and stories when I was a girl. I could entertain, thrill, teach, cry, think and sing through words.

Then I grew up.

I fell in love and got busy having a brood of babies and wrote stories in my head, crafted sentences while sorting socks, styled my syntax as I scrubbed tile grout.

Words drove me crazy and kept me sane.

Then I found a scribing ecclesia — a group of writers who drew me in, breathed prayers and encouragement over me, shared their own stories in their own words and validated my story, resurrected my dream. They told me the truth. I can write. I must write.

I do write.

I have been published and it feels great. But I keep writing. I keep mining, digging in the dirt for gems of truth, insight, encouragement, faith….



  1. I remember the day a shy, demure blond asked me, a supposedly published, seasoned writer-type, if I’d read her “stuff”. I sighed. Not that I’m that brilliant as a writer. It’s just that so many others AREN’T as well. And I know them when I see them. So I sat. At my dining room table. Prepared for a literary root canal from an unseasoned writer.

    But then I read. I read a story by Allysa Santos. And it left me speechless. With tears running down my face. And humbled. Really humbled. That out of such a tiny persona could come such a chorus of words. Rich. Poignantly woven. Words.

    And here she is today. With words still drifting through her head and making their way to now e-pages. Color yourself blessed to be reading “Alyssa Santos”.

    • Ronna, you’re so encouraging! I’m still working on that story, my first completed novella…. One of these days it might get out to the big world!
      You, among a few others, are my mile-markers along this weird journey I’m on to figure out what to do with all my words: how to use less of them to say more, how to reach into people’s hearts with the only tools I’m any good at wielding, how to show them God’s real, unchurchy, individual love. Thank you for being a representative of encouragement to me 🙂

  2. Donna Anderson says

    I stumbled across your blog and am reaching out to say “impressive and certainly guided by Jesus”.

    I was pressed upon by God to write because I didn’t listen two decades ago. Now it has come back full circle after journaling for nearly 20 years. I know nothing about writing, blogging, etc. but my Lord does and I can see God’s winks everywhere in my path.

    Out of all the blogs that are out there, He chose your blog for me to read.

    Thank you for your stories…..I can see that it doesn’t matter if I am inadequate, God isn’t. If my life story reaches one soul that needs the love of Jesus and His continued Grace, i have fulfilled my purpose.

    My best, Donna Anderson

    I am just starting my blog. God pressed hard on my heart when asking what name to choose… See you out there!

    • donna,
      there is an untruth knit into us that our stories shouldn’t be told or that we are inadequate to tell our stories in the light of God’s redemption. Our purpose is to reflect God’s mercy, his love, his greatness out to others to see, so it lights their way. What better way to do this than to scoop up the broken pieces and hold them out to the light. I am amazed when people find my little journal as small as it is out here on the expansive web. Certainly the hand of God led you and had something to speak to your heart, here, through my words. You have no idea how much that blessed me to find your comment today. Thank you.
      Speak truth in the confidence that when your words are consecrated to the work of Jesus, he will be faithful to multiply the power of your story. He will protect and bless you —

  3. Sue Sams says

    I absolutely love your writings, so down to earth with simplicity and yet such depth, showing the extravagent light of His love. Thank you for hearing God’s call to write and obeying his voice. He has truly multiplied the power of your story. May he continue to protect and bless YOU!
    Jennifer’s Mom

  4. Hi Alyssa-

    I happened upon your blog by way of #sharehisstory . So glad I did. Like you words and stories are the only sword I can wield. Like you I’ve written for all my years, but am just now sharing. I always felt I was too far from the norm to have anything to say to others, that might matter. But from that first letter from a man who asked how I could possibly know how he felt, how could I know his struggle, I realized that my stories are not mine at all, but his, that man’s, and His, the One who pens them all. And that makes all the difference. Thank you for sharing His story, too. It is encouraging. And beautiful.

    • Hi Brenda, Thanks for this. Isn’t it amazing how if we’re brave and step into the plan God has for us, he already has in place those whom we need to be blessing (and being blessed by)? There is no coincidence, only divine appointments. Keep writing, Brenda Lynn, for your story is a saving story.

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