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Loving Into Being {Making It Home}

August 2011 He walked through the front door and breathed it in. Home. And I was told he place his small, little-boy hand on the wall and spoke the word, “Home.” I was not there. I was in the hospital, barely passing the hours of night and day by pressing the self-administering morphine button; I was holding the hope of home in my heart, living past the tragedy of the car accident apart from my family. And they were coming home. Daddy on crutches—the weight of so much unknown a harder thing to carry than a useless, broken leg—and our four kids were beginning to step back into normalcy. I was out of ICU, off of the machines that kept me breathing and recently established in the trauma ward. Just the entryway wall, already smudged with so many handprints. But this small caress and a one-syllable word made a picture she’ll carry forever. Home. He’d been staying at his aunt’s house for a week. In the whirlwind surrounding the accident, the youngest of our kids …

The Other One–Why Does The Holy Spirit Intercede On Our Behalf?

We never have to be afraid that we’re praying the wrong thing or even in the wrong language! There is no way that our prayers can be misconstrued when we belong to God through our salvation in Jesus Christ. His Spirit writes the right thing and the Father reads it; the Word is writ upon our souls! I need not groan, I need not mutter, I need not be eloquent in my phrasing—I need only to recognize with gratitude that my Father is searching, the Sprit is communing and I have been miraculously drawn into this perfect relationship because of the work of the death and resurrection of Jesus. We are reminded in Ephesians 1:13, that all we do is this: believe. The rest is God’s divine movement.

The Other One {What’s Up With the Holy Ghost?}

  “Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to control your life, Alyssa Mae?” My mom’s lips pressed into a thin line as she waited for an answer, sort of. This question was, around my house, rhetoric. I had no good answer, just a stew of conflicting thoughts, but I wanted to be good, so I’d try and let the Holy Spirit control me, sort of. The fact is, I didn’t (don’t) really know how that was (is) supposed to happen. What does being “controlled by the Holy Spirit” look like? And, if I let him control me, does that mean I have to drink the kool-aid and be a Jesus Freak? I knew about tongues of fire (Acts2:1-13) and I knew about the babbling charismatics. I knew about selfless servants who turned the other cheek so often they’d morphed into doormats. I knew about missionaries. I knew about those rare few people I’d met who were truly happy, joyful Christians. That last group of people seemed to have their souls dialed in with the Holy …

I Am A Spiritual Misfit (a guestpost)

“He brought me out into a spacious place;
 he rescued me because he delighted in me.” Psalm 18:19 It might have been 1975. My dress was navy blue with full, white sleeves. It’s hem rested above my knee and my new, white stockings looked sharp and fresh (although a bit wrinkly at the knees) all the way down to my Mary-Jane shoes. I was proud to stand beside my three older sisters for the pre-church photo. To match, to look like, to be like them was my highest aspiration. The sun made our eyes squint as we smiled for Daddy to snap the picture of us colored in blue and white and ready for church. My new dress, sewn by my mom, was also 100% wool. I itched. I squirmed. I scratched. I wriggled. All through Sunday School. By the end of the hymn-singing in Big Church, I was about insane. My fair, sensitive skin became inflamed and I had raw, red abrasions at all the seam lines, under my arms, along my torso and back. …