_MG_0662I love Jesus, my family, freedom, flowers, words, coffee, Ethiopia, and the scent of freshly turned earth in Spring.


…and here on this blog, I write about all of that.

I am constantly on the lookout for grace moments.

God’s word is my truth. I work through the grace and the truth in my flawed and questioning way.

I have known Jesus as my savior since I was a little girl, but his grace has renewed my life time and again. I can live with my past because I finally agreed with Jesus that it doesn’t affect my future.

In 1991, I married the guy God picked out for me, because despite my efforts not to fall in love, I did, and awkward me flung into a swan dive and became completely submerged in it.

Nearly 20 years after we were married, we sat stunned and unmoving on the side of a dark highway in our smashed van after a day at the lake with our four kids, hit by a drunk driver who failed to stop before he entered the roadway.

Miracles flowed that night like sweet spring water. God met us and ministered to us through the dozens of people that came alongside us during this catastrophe.

God has saved me more times than I know. Like the psalmist says, “How great are your thoughts of me, God… too many for me to count,” {Psalm 139}, I have learned truly that no sparrow fallsthat his eye doesn’t see.

Much like the birds, broken and vulnerable, that my children have brought home to “rescue” I was broken, internally bleeding from multiple injuries and closer to heaven than I understood. As I pushed each heavy breath and labored to get in enough oxygen, my prayers lifted and flew freely, untethered by anything on this earth.

I didn’t see a light or hear a voice, but every cell of my being sparkled this one true thing: all that matters, all that has value in this life matters at all because of Jesus. When I couldn’t breathe enough to speak my truest truth was Jesus.

So now that I’m recovering, learning how to walk and manage physical pain, love my family, work with limitations, understand life as a survivor, my truest truth is still Jesus.

He rescued me. I live for him.

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  1. Dawn says

    Just plain love reading all of your additions. I miss you dearly and know the next time I see you, we will laugh with tears like always. Make each day beautiful, my friend. πŸ™‚

    • I am so glad you came! I love words and friends and new friends and Jesus. I love that you are standing in your convictions to be God’s girl regardless of the social climate and the dictums of our culture. My oldest daughter (almost 20) is a lot like that. I wasn’t. So it amazes and encourages me that you “get it” and know you need Jesus more than what our world offers.

  2. Your story reminds me of my neighbor–who also survived a traumatic car wreck and lives in constant pain but has become closer to Jesus because of it. May you continue to find God’s grace on your journey.

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