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Don’t Wait To Play {…and the High Calling}

Don't Wait To Play {...and the High Calling} |

The Jemez Mountains of New Mexico are scented of old pinion, young fir and the sweet, refreshing wetness of the Rio Las Vacas.

My young family travelled there a few years ago to join my recently retired parents for a camping trip.

We set up camp and rigged our fishing poles. Stream fishing is a little like a treasure hunt. Plopping your bait in one promising hole, then moving on to another and the next in hopes of hooking a German Brown or Rainbow trout leads you a mile downstream before you realize how far you’ve gone.

I was on mom duty. Any fishing I’d do would be pulling my little one out of the river. Bella desperately wanted to catch a “fish-friend,” and we finally did: a four-inch baby trout. She gripped that little fish, talked to him, kissed his silvery snout and loved that thing to its death.
I was tired, and my back ached. I suggested we take Fish Friend back to camp, expecting to find my mother there assembling sandwiches for lunch.We rounded the bend of the river and I found my mom, standing on a rock in the middle of the river, her sneakered shoe holding down her catch, laughing, “I won’t take them off the hook myself,” she smiled, “I’m waiting for Dad.”
Even when we lived a quarter-mile from a lake, I had never seen my mom toss in a line or sit back with the setting sun on her cheeks. (click to read more…)
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