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Change the World in One Easy Step

How to be a World Changer |

photo courtesy of New Covenant Foundation

What if it really were a thing of the past, like rotary dial pay phones?

What if the concept of poverty had to be explained to our children like the concept of making one’s own vinegar, bread yeast starter, or having ice delivered for the ice box?

What if poverty were a thing unknown?

What if we didn’t have to travel across town or across continents to see its devastating effects? What if we never felt the conflicted inner drama when the television portrayed images of listless, half-clothed children held by crying mothers?

What if?

(Please read the rest of the post here at New Covenant Foundations blog….)


In 1999 we met Werku Gole, our first Ethiopian friend. My husband and I were challenged and inspired by his love for his country, his passionate faith in God, his perseverance in the face of real persecution. We wanted to go to Ethiopia.

But God had different ideas. Over the next ten years, our lives involved plenty of ups and downs, a few job changes, two more kids and a move to a new house, among many other changes and challenges. In 2008, a quiet stirring and something like a discontent began to stir in Angelo, and me, and even our kids.  What purpose might an American family have besides pursuing an American dream?

Too jaded to believe we could change “the world” we began to seek ways to allow changes to move and mold our values.

We began by buying coffee, fairly traded, responsibly sourced, community-minded coffee from Ethiopia. We drink copious quantities of the stuff. This led to one thing and another and by fall, 2009, we’d kissed our kiddos and boarded the first of a series of long flights to Africa.

Just to see. Because whether or not we’d ever be missionaries, adoptive parents, ministry partners, we knew God was leading us to LOOK. To pay attention to people He knows and loves and see how He’s working in their lives. And friends, He is working! We get to be a small part of it AND raise our family here in America, but with a a greater awareness of his purpose for us as believers reaching the world with the love of Jesus Christ. I guess, in a small way, we get to be world-changers after all.

And that is all I know about being a world-changer:

taking small steps toward the change you know needs to be made in your thinking, your values, your consumerism, your faith. As you edge toward change, God will take your hand.

Ready for an adventure?




  1. nander1405 says

    Alyssa, you know my love for Africa. I was eager to read this post. Did you know that Colleen and Bill Roe are our good friends? Colleen and I have been very close friends since our 37 year old son and daughter were in kindergarden together. I’ve met Werku too and love that man, and supported the micro-finance program off and on over the years.I’m so glad that you and Angelo have a burden for the poor. Have you read the book Kisses from Katie? Much love, Niki

    Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S®4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

    • Yes, your heart for Africa has remained one of love and passion for many years. You have been such an example of a woman who has learned to accept God’s yeses and nos with grace and faith. You have influenced me in being brave enough to write, to carry on, more than you probably realize. I am one of the many, many people blessed by your faithfulness.

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