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When Sparrows Fall

What is the price of two sparrows –one copper coin?

But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.

– Matthew 10:29


A finch feeder hangs from the crabapple tree by our front picture window. Designed for finch, the vertical tube has openings and perches for six birds.

It’s a busy spot.

The house finches with their rosy-tinged heads and the brilliant, sulfur-yellow goldfinch compete for a spot at the feeder.

American Goldfinch 3

photo credit: pat ashley

I’ve seen all of my kids perch in the swivel rocker by the window, usually with a snack and watch the birds. As common as they are, the birds hold their own beauty and fascinate us. But we don’t stay at the window sill and watch forever. We don’t follow them in flight to their nests. We don’t see them fall.

A unique trait of God is that he is not held back by the confines of a body, or even time and space, and he’s not limited in the way we are limited. He sees everything. He notices you and I. He is paying attention.

I know, when the abuse or the suffering has been so great, we question saying, “If God could see me, why didn’t he stop the fall, stop the pain, save me?”

I don’t have a brilliant answer for that question. I simply know that the more pain we experience, the sweeter our song may become. There is tremendous compassion to be developed in the hearts and minds of those who suffer at the hands and wickedness of others. We have an enemy, one who lurks beneath the branches of our bravery, who wants to harden that pain into rage, into a cycle of hurting, into self-pity. He takes the pain and makes it ugly, but our God who sees takes suffering and uses it to mend and uplift and give flight to the others who hurt.

Because as long as we are here, on fallen earth, as long as its spinning and God waits to interrupt its orbit with the judgement and final redemption, he sees and he gives us some of this ability to see — and notice — the others he loves so much. And we who are limited by our physical bodies can use the parts he’s given us to help and embrace and feed and care for others.

So let’s do this with tenderness and grace, this loving others.

Whether its our children we serve, or the city council or the teens at church or juvenile hall — wherever he’s placed you and I to notice — let’s ask to see with his eyes the needs of those around us, to see the value of his whole creation and the treasure of each person.



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  1. Yes, praying with you, Alyssa, today to see the treasure of others and to see God…hugs to you, my friend…keep writing 🙂

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