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It’s Not Always Pretty, But It Is Always Good {My Story in Video}

I watched spring this morning. The robins hopped on greening grass. Goldfinch looked in the window as if to ask me, “Are you ever going to fill that feeder with thistle?” Cold blue skies, swept with light clouds promised the coming warm days.

I was struck again, anew, by the beautiful reality that I can go fill the feeder, dig in the soil of my own yard, walk to the tune of birdsong.

A year ago, I was recovering from a second surgery where the surgeons removed the titanium rod from my fibula and reamed a larger one through that leg-bone to aggravate my body to produce enough new bone cells to fill in the gaps between the breaks that had refused to heal.

I was struck again by the miracle of the incarnation of Jesus, the decision of a limitless God to take on the form and limitations of humanity, to trade infinite power for fragility. This flesh and bone grace of the incarnation of Jesus Christ makes all other miracles, including the resurrection from the dead, possible, meaningful even.

I am in wonder of the humanity of Jesus, our personal, human, savior.

My church is telling stories. The stories of key people in the Bible and the stories of average people in our town who have been awakened in soul by the love of Jesus, whose lives have been transformed by grace. I’m humbled to be included in the storytelling series.

Friend, our stories are always in the process of being written. Might I encourage you to courageously read the story of your life and see where God has, indeed, shown up along your life’s timeline. He is always working to reveal his truth to you, to grace your mistakes with forgiveness and give you purpose beyond your own scope of vision.

Story – Alyssa from Life Center on Vimeo.

linked with Emily’s love dare here. Emily is a beautiful, insightful writer with a new book coming out!

And, with Michelle De Rusha, for Hear It on Sunday, Use It on Monday.


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