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Hello Beautiful {A Story Shared at Soli Deo Gloria}


I’m not sure when it happened, or how exactly, but I can look in the mirror and see me and I’m okay with what I see.

I haven’t achieved my ideal weight, my nose is still too big, my complexion uneven, my figure squatty, but I see myself and I remember what they said:

“You look beautiful!”

“I can’t believe how pretty you looked—even in ICU.”

“You sort of glowed, even as you lay there with tubes down your throat and your arms in restraints – you were pretty.”

My soul began to believe them.

Though I am a wear-makeup-every-day girl I had had dozens of visitors over the past several days and I hadn’t looked in a mirror.

They were happy to see me – alive – and that was enough to make me feel gorgeous.

We had been in a serious car accident. Miraculously, my children sustained only minor injuries and my husband had a broken ankle. I, on the other hand, left the accident by helicopter suffering multiple fractures in my left leg and a slew of internal injuries that filled my chest cavity with blood. My stomach had ended up where my left lung should have been. My lung sat up near my shoulder like a crumpled wad of Kleenex.

Won’t you click on over to Jen’s Community, Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood and read the remainder of the story?

She’s been discussing the aspects of real beauty, our desire to feel beautiful and asking these questions: What if we become astounded by ourselves, not with a sense of selfish pride, but with heartbeats of gratitude?  What if we let God’s Word lavish our souls with wonder and amazement?  What if we believe Him when He tells us that we are beautiful and that we are His?finding heaven today



  1. So thankful to hear of your recovery from this traumatic accident! I always enjoy coming hear and reading your words– beautiful and purposeful. You ARE a writer, you ARE beautiful.

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