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1 Reason Why Your Story Matters

Here It is. The One Reason.

1. Your Story Matters

At Life Center Church in Spokane, My Story is the current series. The Big Idea is to consider where God’s Story (see Genesis-Revelation in the Bible) and your story intersect.

It may seem to you like you’ve no story at all

Or perhaps your story is embarrassing, ugly, regrettable.

Yes, it is.

But it’s also this: Redeemed.

That’s the amazing thing about getting to know Jesus. He redeems all our regrets, all our mistakes, even all our good traits and uses them to tell the world, the hurting, the neighbor fighting cancer and the kid at on the corner this truth: Jesus cares about you.

My friend has the superhuman task of interviewing and filming, editing and presenting the stories of people whose lives have been picked up, dusted off, bought back and given purpose and a Great Hope through the good news of Jesus Christ. It’s a both a battle and an honor for him to rise to this task, but if I could, I would give him a medal. These stories are precious and necessary.

Here’s one to watch. Perhaps it’s like yours, or maybe different. Only know this: there is unmistakable hope and freedom in telling your story about how God’s big story intersected your small one.

Story – Lauren from Life Center on Vimeo.

What do you think?

Do you have the courage, like Lauren, to speak your truth and tell your story?



  1. Alyssa, I clicked through to your church and poked around the website. It looks like a beautiful community! Our church did a message on miracles last year, and the pastor showed a similar video and talked about a miracle of a changed life. It really is incredible. I’m still learning to open up and share my full story since it is definitely not always a pretty one, but God is giving me bravery each day to share more. I love this post and the call to have the courage to share how God has redeemed our lives.

    • Kim,
      I am thrilled to meet you. I think we get hung up on the grit in our stories and fail to see the glory in them. God is patient with us, but persistent, in drawing to him and trusting him with our whole selves: past, present, future. He loves and redeems the whole life, values it enough to buy it back and he sees us complete. When we trust him with the stories, we really do gain freedom and true confidence. I’m glad your around — stay in touch 🙂

  2. Chills, thank you for sharing the video. It made me smile and tear up. Our stories are important, especially the ugly ones that God redeems, thank you for this reminder.

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