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Six Inches of Freedom – Parenting Independent Children {A guest post}


She first climbed out of her crib at 9 months of age. She landed with a thunk on the nursery floor that brought us parents, new and a bit intense, running to her aid.

We found her up and into the basket of toys that hailed her attention in the morning light, unhurt by her awkward tumble to the floor. She got to where she wanted and she was happy.

This fierce independence has long been a driving motivator in her life.

My first born! That I survived her was proof enough that I could handle any child.


Won’t you click the link and read the rest of this post, (including three reasons why we should foster an independent spirit in our children) at my friend, Shari’s blog?

Shari blogs at Leaving a Legacy. Like many of us, Shari’s been handed some things in life that she wasn’t sure she had the strength to overcome, but you’ll see after just a few clicks into her pages, that Shari had a faith in God that grew deeper and richer through the trials. As a cancer survivor, a social worker, mother and wife, she has learned the importance of legacy. And she is committed to encouraging others to keep looking up to Jesus, even while walking the hard road.

Shari and I went to high school together and happily, we’ve reconnect just recently through the internet and blogging — isnt’ that fun?

Posting here, linking up too, with Ann Voskamp, and  Tracy


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