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A New Person in Christ {Second Chance Blessings}


I am a new person in Christ – Ephesians 2:15

The Lord will command His lovingkindness in the daytime. -Psalm 40:11

Simple truths robe this Monday morning and the ties that wrap round me begin with “I am a new person in Christ” and “My  Lord will command His lovingkindness in the daytime”. There is always enough of God’s lovingkindness to envelope me and tie me in snug.

Winterlight flickers tender through gray February clouds. Coffee steams in mugs the color of earth and robin’s eggs. Coffee’s distinctive scent is undetectable until the cherry pits are roasted, heat applied and the seeds crack and brown and the richness is wooed from the fibers of the seed. And it’s scent is a comfort.

And my friend sits opposite of me, our faces both bare of makeup, hair undone, and we visit in the comfort of morning light and coffee scent. Our legs drawn up, we curl on cushions like cats not ready to tackle the to-do lists of the day.

And we are not young anymore. Our kids aren’t at the breast or scampering around our feet or drinking juice from a sippy cup. They are at school, and work and college. And we are in a new-ish place.

But we have felt the heat of years and miscommunication and hurt feelings, yet, we smile at each other with the knowing that this re-newed friendship is a precious thing. A gift wooed from grace and hearts forgiving and sorry and stilled. And we know now that the season of separation was a growing season. A time we needed to feel the blade of pruning and the stretch of sending roots ever deeper.

And I know now that the dying season is not what it seems. Though the loss is palpable and the emotions raw, the yielding of one life always leads to a new life.

A better life.

A Christ-life of renewing newness drawn fresh into cleaned-up hearts by the continuing lovingkindness of God.

That lovingkindness encircles us like robe ribbons and the trails of steam from coffee invites us to be new-old-friends-again.

The lessons we learned are the smoothest of pearls, whose depth of tone are created by pain. And these are the most treasured. These lessons that we share bear the holiness of the name YHWH, the name breathed but not spoken, because it is too holy, too sacred. But they are present in the smiles in our eyes, they speak of the knowing that we can be, today, new in Christ, that we are in the daylight of his kindness.

And it shines on a Monday morning, fresh as February strong as the brew in our cups.



Might I encourage you in this: don’t give up on the lost people, the hopeless situation, the relationship that might be strangled by the past and doubtful of a future.

We look to a Creator-God. Since we see the perpetuation of creation in the seasons, the giving up of seed, the dying of leaf of flower, the sprouting of new life and the promise of new fruit, let us not deny its power in our lives. God will create new in you, in your loved ones, in your future. You will see. Let him do his work. Become holy in the sacredness of his creation in your hearts. There will be the dawn and full light of his lovingkindness, drawing you to him in fresh life. It may not be what you planned, this is true, but it will be blessed in ways you never dreamed possible.



Counting gifts:

– teacups washed and brilliant in morning sun

-coffee brewed, ready for me

– a morning free

– a sister healing

– a friends new and old and the grace to bend

…thank you.



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