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The Beloved Princess {A true love story}


“I am Princess Annalia.”

She believed it with all her heart.

When she was three-years-old.

We don’t know how she became so fully convinced of her royal heritage. On the surface, she was a third-born child of an average, middle class family. We didn’t have any body guards or crown jewels or motorcade.

But she was a princess.

She so completely believed this that every night during her third year of life, after prayers and a drink and a blankie and  a book she stated with an imperial air:

“I must go to Disneyland soon. My friends, Ariel and Belle and Jasmine, are waiting for me. They miss me.”

Her will steeled us to make the trip to Southern California. There she was, in her make-believe land of utter reality. She was thrilled to see her friends, the princesses, and herself gracious enough to introduce her baby brother to each of them:

“Hello, I’m Princess Annalia, and here’s my Nikko-boy.”

The rest of us trailed them like the courtiers in entourage.

Eventually, strength of her royal identity slipped away. I never thought I’d be sad to see the Disney Princess paraphernalia go, but a part of me felt deflated when she decided princess stuff (and anything pink) was too “little girlie”.

As real-life ideas and experiences began to inform her sensibilities about life, the gold and pink hued dreams of make-believe faded into the sunset, just like in the fairy tales.

She is double digits now, just on the outer edges of childhood. She has an itouch, listens to Taylor Swift, has sleepovers and campouts and I see her peering around the corner into grown-up land.

But I want for her, more than ever, to believe in her royal lineage.

Not the plasticized, Disney, commercialized make-believe-every-story-has-a-happy-ending-with-a-handsome-prince version, but the beloved, created in the image of God version.

1. I want her to believe that she has been sought and bought at a great price by her loving Jesus. (1 Peter 1:18)

2. I want her to believe that she is clothed in the spotless garments of holiness, because God sees her that way. (Galations 3:27)

3. I want her to believe that nothing, no villain imaginary or real, no mistakes, no sins, no hurts — nothing — can separate her from the love of God in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:39)

4. I want her to believe that it isn’t up to her effort or striving to be “good enough” but that she’s been made acceptable in the sight of God because Jesus loved her so much that he continually declares her perfect in the heavenly court. (Revelations 19:7-8)

I know full well that it’s essential that she see the story and believe–because I’ve seen the chasm, the dark-fight and despair of a princess who’s lost her way, forgotten her identity in Christ.

I’ve seen the damage that the accuser whispers into souls and minds of those who forget the sparkling truth that declares them holy.

The battle is horrific. The lies, tempestuous and cruel, spew forth from the Liar that heinously laughs as he thinks he’s winning against God.

It’s hopeless for him, that Liar, we all know. Even he does. But there is nothing but lies in him and nothing to do but hurl them. Princesses of the Most High King make lovely targets. Easy targets, too, the Liar presumes. So he splatters them mercilessly.

And girls begin to believe so many things that aren’t true. They believe they need to do more, be more, look sexier, be funnier, be more attractive, smarter, skinnier, more successful, more mysterious. And when they fail or hold broken hearts and wipe away tears they believe they are damaged goods, unworthy, less desirable, less useful, less, less, less…until they are diminished, little wisps of broken princess pieces.

In fairy tales Good and Evil may fight it out. Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After may bookend tales fantastic and princesses and ogres may fall in love. But in real life, the story is so much richer, so much more amazing when we open The Book and see the story of redemption rushed full gracing royal anyone who might believe on Jesus. For anyone who calls on the name of Jesus is a co-heir  with him, full-fledged royalty.


I am sinking into the lovingkindness of God. I’ve named a list of 28 verses where his lovingkindness towards us is described. You can get a copy here: lovingkindness x 28 I’ve also been spending time telling myself the truth about me, according to what God says in the book of Ephesians. There are 29 transformational truths in that book alone. Here’s a link to that list: 29 truths about me

We are all, every one of us, believers. We believe as much as we breathe.

Everything we do, or don’t do, say or don’t say, everything we eat or accept or reject or learn or give is all based on our intrinsic ability to believe. We are believing creatures. I’ve come to realize that in this faith-in-Jesus-journey that I’m on, I have not just the choice to believe in Jesus as my savior, but I also have the choice to believe in the grace of God that saved me. I cannot personally generate more or less “faith” since faith itself is a gift of God (Ephesians 2:8), and God always gives generously (James 1:5), so the measure of faith is not the issue. The real issue here is Whom I choose to believe.

When I choose to believe in Jesus Christ, I am choosing to abide in his continual grace. I am choosing to kneel and be crowned with lovingkindness, clothed in tender mercies. And I am taking his hand and allowing him to raise me up and place me beside himself in “heavenly realms”.

Praise the Lord, O my soul and forget not all his benefits — (He) who redeems your life from destruction, who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies. {Psalm 103:3a-4}

And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, in order that in the coming ages he might show the incomparable riches of his grace, expressed in his kindness. {Ephesians 2:6-7}




  1. Linking up after you at Walk with Him Wednesday – your words are such a beautiful picture of who we are in Christ. Thank you for sharing …


    this is my heart’s desire, my crying passion, for little princesses to grow up to still keep their crowns close to their heart and wear them with pride. my little princess, and those who will meet her on their path.

    visiting from dear emily’s place, and i am blessed to be here.

    • Thanks, Rachel. I think this resounds to us because we still get a little shaky underneath the crowns. I thought of that movie, a Little Princess, based on the book. She says to her little friend in the attic: We’re all princesses! It’s our right!
      It is our right by way of Christ’s sacrifice. What grace

  3. This pierced my heart.

    I have 2 beautiful loving daughters, 16 and 20, who have too often believed the lies of the enemy. They both love Jesus, but the enemy works hard against their worth in Christ. I miss that little princess stage when they openly believed in good, but know God allows struggles to make them stronger in Him. I know He has good things planned.

    God help our daughters to claim your promises and believe them in their hearts.

    Thanks for sharing the verses. Such great reminders, even for this 44 year old mom. 🙂

    Visiting from ‘Legacy Leaver Thursdays’

  4. Crying in the grocery line… Embarrassing;) but I love this… So true… And I love annalia and remember when she was a princess and I remember being sad when she changed!!! Lol good entry! Love ua

    • I remember when you were a princess, my dear. And sometimes I get all sad when I think of you having grown up. But, I’m so happy to see where you are and where you’re going. And, you know who you are in Jesus. love you

  5. Lovely post and great reminder for all the princesses… Mine would be precious granddaughters now. Touched my heart.

  6. Ronda Sheldon says

    My dear friend – thank you for reminding me to hold my own princess a little closer tonight. Still thankful for our world of pink…

  7. Simply beautiful….you have such a way with words. You have a way of weaving them into stories that reach deep into the soul. I am so thankful for God’s amazing grace that our precious girls can lean into and grab hold of as their anchor. Thank you for linking up.


  8. Hi Alyssa, I am making a belated visit from Faith Jam Thursdays. I absolutely love this post, and the collection of Scripture you post. It’s so easy to forget to clothe ourselves in these truths, and I’ve believed far too many lies in my life. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m looking forward to printing and sharing with my loved ones, too.

    • Please do:) I’ve been revisiting these verses on lovingkindness all month and letting them saturate. It’s been an interesting experiment in gracing myself with truth. Bless you!

  9. This is amazing – I love love love it! Your post was recommended to me by Cathy at Thoughts on books during a Valentine share the blog love I hosted, and I’m so grateful. What a wonderful way of declaring the importance of knowing our royal heritage and our worth in Christ. Thank you


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