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What Will You Carry in Your Heart’s Pocket? (31 verses)

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” {Psalm 139:14}

“Dad, do you think I’m a really good artist?”

The question crossed over my lap while we three sat on the sofa eating supper (the house is torn apart for this remodel, so we’re gathering for meals everywhere).

“Sure I do,” he replied between bites, “I’ve told you that before. I think you draw really well.”

And I wondered. So between the two I asked with a little tease, “Honey did you feel like you needed a compliment tonight?”

And the answer stunned.

“Well, it’s just that today at school I was doodling in my notebook before class started and this girl walked up to me and pointed to my drawings and said, ‘Is that how you draw?’ and I said, ‘Yes’, and she said, ‘You’re really bad‘. So I was just taking it to heart a little bit.”

A part of me died. A part of me rose up, angry. A part of me mourned.

What is it about us that insists on destruction? We destroy ourselves and others with negativity and criticism. We listen to the lies that slither out of the dark recesses of our minds and then project them onto others. This time the innocent target was my daughter.

She does, indeed, draw well. She’s creative and moldable and out-of-the-box in her approach to everything. And now she bears a seed of doubt flung by a careless peer, (who no doubt bears the seeds of doubt planted by another).

And hasn’t that happened to all of us? Have you received that grain of doubt and hate scattered by someone without rights to your spirit? I have. And further, I nurtured its noxious ways by my own thoughts, too. It’s no wonder that we hide our dreams and talk ourselves out of freely offering our ideas. We disbelieve that our offerings could be useful to Jesus or others. We put away the paint brushes, the camera, the poems scrawled on scratch paper.

We doubt our worth to the point of asphyxiation.

But there is a way to reverse the destruction. We may be crippled by the overgrowth of doubt, but can we, like David, look up through to the Creator and praise Him? Or, do we blame God for making us flawed?

“I praise you” David sang, “because I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.

Can we see the Creative God through the cloud of doubt? Can we turn our hearts to praise him instead of gazing at our own accomplishments and failures?

You see, your fingerprints are unique.

Your irises are a marvel.

The way your ears work in tandem with your brain is a feat of micro-engineering unmatched.

You are valuable.

Seek the Father, like my little girl did. Turn to the One who knows and loves you best and find out the truth. Ask and receive his answer.

True, we are all marred by sin. Each of us is predisposed to it, but we are first created in a God’s image and declared “GOOD”. That is what God knows about us, what He, in his mercy, has given us: His goodness.

Jesus fixed the problem of sin on the cross at Calvary. When you accept him as your Lord and Savior, you are declared “justified”. You are legally free from the punishment of the sin condition.

Why did he do this? Because he created you clever and kind and creative and interesting — fearfully and wonderfully. He wants you to live fully in this and live your days in praise to the One who made you.

We do have a choice who we believe and what we perpetuate.Will you nurture destructive seeds of doubt or empowering praises? What will you cast into the minds and hearts of others? Criticism that destroys or praises and goodness?

What will you carry in your heart’s pocket?



  1. This is beautiful. It actually made me cry. It is amazing how destructive people can be. And I just don’t understand it. Now as a mother of three young ones, I worry so much about their frail little egos… and I love the powerful message you put forward here. Thank you!

  2. Maybe in a supportive action, [more of] her work might be put on display at work or in the home. Perhaps a mosaic shield of faith in your daughter, for your daughter.

    Just a suggestion.

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