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The Secret of Those Who Truly Live {and how you can, too}

I’ve been rolling the word rescue in my mind the way one might roll a marble in her hand. It is round and has no edges or sides and moves at the slightest touch.

To be rescued is an event, an intervention, that is difficult to place on a shelf or the timeline of your existence where it can be easily displayed or pointed to with a proclamation, “Here is the day I was rescued.”

Sure, there was a day, a time, when I was rescued. I can point to August 14, 2011 about 10:30 p.m. and say, “that’s when everything changed.” It divided my life into before and after.

Yet being rescued in the intense way that I was, with tubes and oxygen, the deft hand of knowledgable surgeons, the flight of a helicopter, the call to prepare a table for my broken body, the prayers and the pumping heart, the shocked organs crushed and waiting repair, well, it defies defining. This kind of rescue cannot be carefully placed in a slot and hidden away like a photograph in an album.

This kind of rescue is worn like a band on my finger.

It is the salt in my tears.

It is borne in my scars and my smile.

It has become a part of who I had been before and who I must be forever after.

It is beyond defining because it has defined me.

And the question that any survivor, anyone who’s ever been hopeless and utterly dependent on the salvation brought by the hand of another, must consider is this:

What have I been saved unto? 

If I have been rescued from something, what am I rescued toward?

To deny the search for the answer to that line of query is, in my opinion, dangerous. It leads to some sort of slow death.

I can’t be in awe of every moment, every breath, every dazzling morning ray of sun filled with dancing dust, but I must be willing to be. This is the purpose of being rescued: to give the dying a chance to truly live.

Jesus said that “I come that you might have life and have it to the full!”

Do you know Jesus? Not just the name, but the person and deity that he is? Have you chosen to accept his salvation from a human life trapped in brokenness, sin and separation from God? If you have, you are my audience today. You are the rescued, the ones who claim the crazy nickname “born again believer” because there’s just no better way to describe it. Here is my question for you:

Are you living fully? Are you experiencing joy full-to-bursting in every aspect of your life?

Okay, maybe not every minute of every hour, for we still dwell in a broken place, but the real question is: are you willing?

Are you willing to see your salvation in Jesus as the very thing that defines who you were before and who you’ll be forever afterward? Or, is your marriage, career, education, political views, neighborhood, accomplishments, or your physical appearance shaping your life and informing your future?

Are you satisfied with the shallow puddle of peace as defined by the “absence of conflict” or are you willing to trust your Savior to have the power to provide peace that is so deep is passes all understanding?

Do you define your relationship with Jesus in tidy phrases that describe the time when you became a Christian at summer camp or sunday school or are you rolling rescue in your mind daily asking the One who’s saved you,

“Hey Jesus? So what have you saved me unto today?

Since I’m here and breathing air and thinking thoughts and eating good food, what have you got me here for today?

How can I be in your salvation fully this day in these relationships in this hour and in this place?”

Has your moment of rescue come in and made a mess of your life, wrecked your ideas and claimed your dreams and made your existence brilliant in the grace of it all?

I hope so.

That’s the only way to truly live.

Take it from me. I’ve been rescued.


Bless you friends, for reading my life in typograpy. I am thankful you’re here. I am praying for you. Live dazzlingly today.


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  1. I decided to read your story and I must say, it was quite inspiring. I thoroughly enjoy the technique you use and how it captivates the audience. I, being a (hopefully) future writer have found a peculiar respect for you and your story. I truly found a message in what you were trying to convey. What really caught my attention was the questions. I definitely ask myself questions such as those constantly, perhaps even everyday. So, to see a way to put them into action, or at least attempt to find an answer, is not only comforting but also a good challenge. Hearing about your ‘rescue’ made me try to think of my own. Though mine’s not as prominent, it made me appreciate that I am living for a purpose and that purpose is to serve God. So, thank you for sharing your wisdom. I am curious to see what other things you have to say.

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