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When Enough Is Too Much & I Spill {thoughts on satisfaction}

{Linking up with Lisa-Jo for Five Minutes on this word: Enough}

You know that moment when you turn your head, so surprised by the tears, the sudden lump in the back of your throat, the overwhelming fullness of life?

The moment could be measured in minutes–seconds, even–but the fullness in that moment cannot be quantified.

It may be at the ocean’s edge, or holding your new baby, or even (and this has happened to me) while unloading groceries. Bags and bags of food.

I have swallowed tears in the dark of night when I rest my hand on my sleeping husband’s back. I feel the even breath of sleep through my fingertips and a tome of praise is contained in my singular “thank you”.

I have turned away while watching my Bella dance, her years of training, hours of practice there on the stage on full display; what I see is not the choreography, but the girl inside all strong and vulnerable and joyful and questioning, so alive it makes my arms tingle and my heart achingly full.

I have wept with the waves and at the dawn of a summer morning when I passed the night in prayer, a living psalm as I counted the watches of the night with supplication.

I have, with crushed lung and shallow breath known secret truths that gave me hope in the darkest minutes, glimmering like treasure sequestered in a cave: My soul will expand with the goodness of it all, my soul is well-fed on the blessing of God’s love, there is always enough when I’m swimming in grace.

Enough to hold,

enough to share,

enough to trust that God sees and cares and listens and responds to my every prayer.

He is enough for me.

Those fractions of fullness are delicious. When our souls bubble over and we tear up and gush because the blessings are so expansive, so generous, so intimate could we not turn our heads or hide our tears?  Could we wear with pride the overflow of blessing and spill it onto the dry soil of our world? Can’t we give our enough away to someone in need of filling up?


“I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full.” {John 10:10}

Dear Friends,

I think we all experience the ebb and flow of satisfaction.

Sometimes life is satisfying. We feel validated in our choices, fulfilled by what fills our lives. There are days that seem hollow and we are hollow, echoing shells of purposelessness (please tell me I’m not alone in this!) – the work is meaningless, the children draining, the marriage, dull, the loneliness like a cavern. There is such a pursuit of happiness in our society that we forget the art of contentment, the sweet simplicity of being satisfied with what it is, right now.

King Solomon asked God for wisdom, which was rewarded with wisdom and so, so much more. In the end, the wise, old king had seen that in all his wisdom he lacked the wise way of contentment. The pursuit of happiness, the conquering and the collecting all added up to a big, fat pile of nothingness. He sat bitterly confounded by the endless ending of things here on earth. But Jesus came and told us this: I came that you might have life and have it to the full! Jesus wants to keep filling us with life.

Open up and drink it in, my friend. This kind of enough never runs dry!





  1. “My soul will expand with the goodness of it all, my soul is well-fed on the blessing of God’s love, there is always enough when I’m swimming in grace.”

    Oh, your words have spilled into my soul… what a beautiful 5 minutes, thank you for sharing and inspiring me to live in His grace.

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