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Air and Mercy {A poem of hope}

When air came in small

and left me wanting more

like a starving child, my eyes round with want

and my mind racing too quickly for me to catch a thought,

I sucked in slow and deliberate.

I listened to the voice say: “I’m working as fast as I can, soon we’ll be breathing for you”.




like the lone star that caught my eye.

I stared hard toward it–

past the hands,

and the tubes,

the needles flashing and the the swirl of lights that illumined the night.

red    white    blue    white    red

That solitary point of fire held me

Through the open end of the helicopter,

and I inhaled Hope

and it’s good, good light.

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  1. Teresa says

    How do you do that? Really? How do you take a moment like that and bring us there? I dunno…but you do! Thanks for sharing your gift of writing. This collision that took place will definitely- already is- having the rock in the pond affect.

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