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The Cost of Finishing {a lesson in giving}

I hope you really love it mom, because I worked so hard on it.

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I am sitting with my broken leg propped on  pillows looking through the basket of get-well wishes that arrived while I was moving from critical to serious to stable condition at the hospital.

Dozens of thoughtful wishes moved me to tears. Thankful, but a bit guilty. How often had I thought of sending a card, but failed to see the intention through? Here, on the receiving end, a get-well card couldn’t alleviate pain or ease sleepless nights or clean my kitchen, but they served my soul immeasurably.

The words of care and promises of prayer hemmed me into comfort.

And this one that my youngest daughter held out was so full of love it didn’t fit into an envelope. She handed me a complicated tube constructed of paper and tape and string. Her designs are always ambitious, sometimes unnecessarily so, but she’s a “creative” and this is how she communicates and gives love.

The paper tube was colored and shaped and sealed on the ends with rounds of more paper. The whole project looks very, very homemade. Within the roll is a letter, her words of love and get-well wishes carefully printed–misspelled words convey her perfect message.

I love this, I smile and our eyes meet. I need her to know how special this gift is.

He shoulders relax from their tense position and she slips her head onto my shoulder. I knew that had she not loved me, she may have abandoned this project because it proved so hard to complete. I knew that had she not needed to finish (for all the reasons that pressed against her chest), she may have tossed the idea in favor of a simpler one.

But she loved me so much that she finished the gift.

And it was perfect.


Do we forget that the salvation we receive, the free gift we acquire through the purchase of Jesus’ sacrifice was not impulsive and haphazard, but a carefully planned and well designed message of love?

The message of hope was carefully wrapped in the gift of Jesus’ life and death and resurrection. The hope that gives us purpose and joy in this life is found in the finished work of Jesus.

He loved us enough to finish the work, to refuse to abandon the work of his hands. Whatever challenges we face, whatever pain or distress threaten to steal our joy, we have the completed message of Jesus: he who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.

Jesus is a finisher. It’s just who he is. He loves you enough to see you to the end.



  1. Amen, Alyssa!
    faithful to complete….that’s worth striving for. to love like that.
    so blessed by your post–thank you!
    All for Him,

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