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Honey of Communion {Sunrise in The Trauma Ward}

“In the lion of trial we find the honey of communion.” Charles Spurgeon {1834-1892}

“Pull the curtain back,” I whispered.

Isabella, my daughter, uncurled her body from the vinyl foldout bed the hospital provided for overnight guests, stretching as she stepped toward the expansive picture window.

The view from my fifth-floor trauma ward window was stunning.

We faced a faded indigo southern sky infused with a predawn glow pricked by black pine and maple tree silhouettes now paling into green.

photo-bella santos

Sunrise again.

The honeyed light cut through sleepy low clouds and touched the tips of nodding trees and quiet rooftops, like a mother brushing a stray curl from her child’s forehead.

Even the busy hospital was quieted by early morning. It seemed we were in on a secret, as if we were invited to an invitation-only premier.

I pressed a button and raised the back of my bed, adjusted my pillows and waited….

I am guest-posting at the (in)courage community today! Click here to read the rest of the post at this great on-line community brought to you by Dayspring!

Bless you, friends!



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  1. Oh Alyssa! This was beautiful! and I’m ecstatic that it’s being shared over at (in)courage! So glad that you found the honey in the rock!

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