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Snail Mail and Knee-Jerk Reactions {A lesson in the unchangeable sixty-second minute}

I’ve been thinking about the mail today.

Perhaps it’s the weather.

We’ve had driving sleet, snow, hail and all manner of inclement conditions, but just like the old ad says, they deliver.

I realize I have no control over the mail.

Each day envelopes come containing good news and bad, bills and blessings, offers and coupons and of course, there’s the junk.

I’ve found that around my house the mail piles up. We have mail habits, not all of them good. Do you?

            There’s a stack from the end of last week when things got too busy.

            There’s the stack that got sorted, with bills set on top.

             There’s the stack that got stuck in the bedroom when we had company and needed to clear the counters in a hurry.

All our snail mail habits involve stacking.

And I must confess, I recently sorted and deleted an enormous virtual stack just  a few weeks ago. Over 800 messages.

If we consulted an expert, she’d declare we had a problem and she would set us up with a system. More than likely this system would involve a daily regimen of opening, sorting, prioritizing and tossing.

The daily events of my life, significant, minor or somewhere in between, often stack up like my mail.

It seems that I get busy or distracted and truthfully, I don’t have a good system to help me sort and prioritize them. I think that while I manage my day at lightning speed, aided by all our technology and gadgetry, I tend to focus on the wrong things sometimes.

The cancelled meeting becomes and irritation to my schedule rather than an invitation to call a friend or read a book or have a date with one of my kids.

The interruption in the morning provides to easy an excuse for my wasted afternoon.

The cranky driver that cut me off ceases to be a person, and becomes the subject of a facebook rant, posted in haste between errands.

I want to disengage from the idea that every minute is a New-York-Minute, bound to blast by me if I don’t grab hold of iphone and run. I want to take a moment to process and ponder each event, or as many as I can, so that I can prioritize them.

A friend of mine recently repeated the old adage, “Life’s too short.” I couldn’t argue with him. He knows. His wife lost a battle to cancer just two years ago. He journals now, keeps track of life then and now. He’s learned to take notice of the events that matter and not let them get stacked under the junk.

That little conversation between he and I, that small event in the midst of a full day…. That is going on the top of the stack.


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