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{Play} Not About Me November

'kinderdome' photo (c) 2008, pawpaw67 - license:

Colors flashed brilliant across the gray sky as they tossed leaves in the air. Flung against a cloud backdrop, they showered on the school yard grass still showing summer’s green.

Laughter danced in the air.

Shouts as crisp as apples clapped in applause–in praise–of every school kids favorite subject: recess.

Here, play is paramount.

Inhibitions are left behind, stuffed in desks and cubbies in the classroom.

Library whispers and quiet reading give way to sing-song chants.

Recess is all running and tag, chasing, laughing, tetherball and swings.

What if we all took recess?

What if we all watched the hands of the wall clock travel so slowly around that bald face, tick, tick, slow, slow, until the magic second when pencils dropped, books shut and feet shuffled in urgency?

What is we sprung to life at the chance to play?

What if this play had no goal, no purpose other than to run and shout and pretend?

Might we be healthier?

Might we be happier?

What if we never worked through lunch hour, refused to run errands or schedule meetings during recess?

Would we be more free?

Would we have better boundaries?

What if we skipped and hopped and laughed until we collapsed in a heap with our best friends all around?

Would we be more fit?

Would we be better friends?

What if we sought out joy, pursued happiness alongside each other, breathed fresh air and left our issues on the blacktop?

Could we return to life more balanced, more filled, open-handed and clear-headed for the work ahead?

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy.

Spread your protection over them,

that those who love your name may rejoice in you. {Psalm 5:11}

Are you burdened with plans, responsibilities or hard work that awaits you?

Have you played lately?

You may find your plans and responsibilities and hard work wait still, but your step is lighter, your mood refreshed, your joy-tank filled and ready for the journey when you play in God’s creation, when you praise him with song and when you pray for his protection. 

When you do this, you can calmly take the hand of Christ and be glad!

Are you glad today?

Do you want to be?


Then go outside and play!

Beholding Glory

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