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{Un-Expectations} Not About Me November

The saying goes: Expect the Unexpected.

Situational interpretation makes all the difference in the application of this motto.

Take snorkeling for the first time in the Caribbean Ocean. The sky and sea are azure and endless. The coral reef is stunning, as fish of all colors swish and swim. Flashes of yellow, sapphire, stripes and dots compete for your attention. This is all more beautiful than you ever expected. Then, you spy a smooth gray fish, a lifeless black eye, a huge set of teeth. This is not what you expected!

But both the beautiful schools of fish and the man-eating shark can be expected when we swim in the sea.

And in life, the same thing rings true. We can and should expect the unexpected. Life happens whether we’re prepared or not.

I’ve had to handle plan b. And plan c, d, e, f….

And I’m learning with each each unexpected turn, each unprepared plan to trust in the Lord who goes with me and guides my steps.

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.{Proverbs 16:9}

Right now you might, like me, be adjusting to the Plan B that God’s determined for you. It might be painful (like mine is currently) or disappointing or frustrating. Friend, remember this:

Nothing surprises God. 

And this:

You don’t have to handle Plan B alone.

And this:

Life really is all about how (and with whom) you handle plan B.

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  1. Hi Alyssa – visiting from 5 minute friday. Great post. I loe the scripture you used from Proverbs. And I love how you say God is never surprised. Great encouragement to give all to plan B
    God bless

  2. i feel like i’m somewhere near the end of the alphabet of plans 🙂 not sure where God and i will go from there, but i’m sure He has a plan in mind.
    great reminders this day!

  3. Yes, from a fellow journeyer who is currently living out an unexpected Plan B. Thanks for sharing these words. Just stopped by from over at Lisa-Jo’s.

  4. We came from the same thought process today…expectations…great post…
    Blessings to you in your trial…may you feel God’s love and nearness…

  5. Great post! That sudden appearance of the shark really woke me up! But life is like that, isn’t it. Thanks. Been praying for you.

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