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{faith} It’s not about me November

faith is…

the substance of things hoped for

and the evidence of things not seen

a confidence

and a trust

in someone, or something

faith is not about me

faith is a gift of God.


Why does God give faith?

Hebrews 11, the great faith chapter of the New Testament, begins by defining faith as the substance of things hoped for.

Hoped for.

That which is hoped for is still out of reach.

Sometimes that which is hoped for seems filmy and translucent, distant. Insubstantial.

But we humans have hands that long to grasp hold of something.

So God gives us faith.

Faith is not effervescent. We so often misunderstand faith as an apparition, a private conglomeration of feelings, or a worldview of a heavenly-minded individual.

But God’s word says faith is the substance.

Faith is the proof. Faith is the evidence.

We can lay grasp of the present gift of faith.

I challenge you, this season of thankfulness, of giving and sharing: unwrap the gift and hold it up to you and you’ll see, it suits you.

God’s gift of faith is transformational and healing.{Mark 5:34}

God’s gift of faith gives us peace with him. {Romans 5:1}

God’s gift of faith is eternal. {Romans 6:22}

God’s gift of faith frees us from the power of sin and makes us righteous. {Philippians 3:9, Colossians 1:22}

God’s gift of faith is unifying. {Romans 6:3-5}

God’s gift of faith is hopeful.{Romans 5:2-4}

God’s gift of faith is thankful. {Colossians 2:7}

God’s gift of faith is active and proactive. {James 2:16-18}

God’s gift of faith gives him pleasure. {Hebrews 11:6}

God’s gift of faith gives us grace and confidence. {Romans 5:2}

God’s gift of faith enables us to bring glory to him. {John 14:12-13}

Eleven proofs of faith. Take the “not about me November” challenge. 

Open the word, your bible, and settle into these verses. Hold their truths in your hands and hearts. Let God give and give to you. You are so needy for all he has to give. Don’t be deceived. You do need the gift of faith as much as you need air to breathe.

Take hold of these proofs and claim them, thank God for them.


Because they are great gifts. No matter how hard you try or how much money or influence you have, these gifts are simply out of your reach and out of your price range apart from Jesus Christ. These are the best gifts, and if you receive them, your life will never be the same. It won’t be about you anymore — your striving, your faults, your efforts, your awards, your education, your talent, your beauty, your failures–it will be all about God.

And a transformed attitude will be the proof. And a grateful song will be the testimony. And your peaceful life will be the picture the world needs to see of heavenly grace.



Beholding Glory

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    • Thanks Laura for the opportunity to consider all the ways that it’s not about me. I’m enjoying the direction that it takes my thinking — straight to the cross and the very heart of God. Blessings, Aly

  1. nice..great exposition on what faith is and is not and it being a gift freely give to us if we truly take it…nice piece…

    • Thank you! I learned a lot writing this, too. It’s sometime difficult to put into words the concepts that we become so familiar with. Blessings, Aly

  2. What a statement of truth from God’s word!! I love it and your heart for Jesus is so evident! Glad you linked up with Laura!

    • That’t the beauty of his spirit, that knits and connects and leads us into truth, even in spite of ourselves. He is good even when circumstances are anything but good or pleasant.

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