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Did I Make the List?

In God’s Heart I am….{Fill in the Blank}

What do you believe about your position in the Heart of God? Of course, there are the pat answers, the Christian-y answers, the answers you wish were true… but when God considers you, what does he really think?

Bonnie over at Faith Barista posed this question and I immediately recalled a conversation I had with my youngest son a couple of years ago. As Christmas Day approached, he doubted and wondered — don’t we all sometimes.

After you read this story tell me, In God’s Heart I am …{_____}, too. I’d love to hear what you have to say:


My six-year-old loves to snuggle.

Perhaps, since he’s the youngest of four, he’s developed an appreciation for mom staying still for a few minutes, not multi-tasking, simply just holding him. Perhaps he’s a born snuggler.

Last night, on Christmas Eve eve, we were snuggling in and he had some serious questions for me.

“So, mom,” says he, “how many days until Christmas?”

“Just two,” I say to clarify and then explain, “Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. That’s when we stop working so much and begin celebrating.”

“And Christmas Eve is when Santa comes with the presents, right?”

“Yes, we usually get our presents Christmas Eve night while you’re sleeping and we open them Christmas morning.”

“I don’t think I made the list,” he states.


“Santa’s good list. I don’t think I’m on it.”

“Really?” I ask, “What makes you say that?”

“Well, I kick the couch pillows all the time when I’m ninja-training! It’s just so fun. But you ask me to stop kicking the pillows every day, and every day I do it some more,” he elaborates with a full explanation.

“So you don’t think you made the list, huh?”

“Probably not. So I might not get any presents.”

“Well,” I sigh for these are heavy thoughts. We all miss the goal. We all try very hard to be good, but when the deadline is closing in, we wonder, ‘Am I good enough? Did I make the list?’. I know how he feels. How many times have I wondered if I was measuring up?

“I know one thing,” I say in honest response, “I don’t know about Santa’s list. I guess we’ll just have to see about that. I know that you’ll always make my list, because you’re my boy and I love you.”

That was enough for him. We pet the cat and snuggled in silence and he fell asleep knowing he’s not perfect, but he is mine. And he’s loved. That’s enough.

Friend, You are enough simply because you’re loved by the Father in Heaven who created you. You automatically, unequivocally, irrevocably make his list when you simply snuggle in to his love and say, “I don’t think I can make the list by my own effort”. He knows, but he loves you, he’s got you covered, and that’s enough. That is Christmas. That is God’s Heart.




  1. First i just loved the story..even if there was no lesson to be learned… But then on top of the sweet story i get a lesson…it’s like buy one get one free!
    I also loved how he went to bed not being perfect but knowing he was loved… I think that us really a vital message.
    We often kick our butts to be what we think God wants us to be… But He knows we aren’t nor will we ever be perfect…but we are His.
    I really think I needed to hear this today.
    Thank you…and for the sweet things you say on my blog.
    I really appreciate you.

  2. What a powerful story! Thanks for sharing it.
    I am complete because I am God’s beloved child.
    Thanks for stopping over at my site. Your words are so encouraging! I’ve read them a few times already. Thank you for writing them.

  3. I love this line “And he’s loved. That’s enough.” If only we would all remember that when we are dealing with those same doubts and fears. What a great lesson for your little boy!

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