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Redeemed Beauty {thoughts on Loveliness}

When I first saw her, I was smitten. Completely.

She was, even as an infant, Lord Byron’s mysterious heroine:

She walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies,

And all that’s best of dark and bright

Meets in her aspect and her eyes;

And I shook my head (still do) at the funny fact that this Norwegian actually gave birth to something as dark-eyed and brown as she. I have four, kids (half Filipino) often complimented for their good looks. And then the following comment follows:Β They don’t look anything like you! Do people ask if they’re adopted?

Thank you, I know there is no resemblance and Yes, I’m asked that often.

But I’m okay with it.

I think every mother drinks in the miracle beauty of her children. We don the love goggles before we cradle their new, warm bodies in trembling arms.

To us, they were beauties in the silent stages of the womb. Hands on bellies, we marveled at their development, prayed, asked for protection for this life that was our responsibility, yet wasn’t.

Pregnancy is a curious love affair. A mother is the life-bearer but not the life-giver. We learn the tandem rhythm in those forty weeks. The wilderness womb is the clutch of humanity, the cradle of life. And in it’s mystery and miracle lay beauty tremendous in all it’s frightening, fascinating and fulfilling aspects.

When our first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, my soul was ripped and angry and confused. As I mourned a life I never knew, I came to terms with the tenuous vapor of life and began to understand the intense love God has for his children:Β He loves because of the immediate miracle of life and because of the redeemed possibilities.

My children are most beautiful when they are repentant, when redemption flutters in the wings of their spirits, after we battle through difficult seasons and attitudes, stiff necked and anger-fired, and come to a place of repentance and reconciliation. The moment is so perfect, so good, that the freshly polished character in them glows into golden splashes of hope. And I am transported to those tremulous moments when the baby kicked or rolled a fist against the inside of me and all I saw was hope – and it was beautiful.

He has birthed us through the ages, swelling with life, He gives and gives and gives. Just as a mom loves the last child as much as the first, our Creator, Life-Giving God loves the millions upon millions of His unique, beautiful, precious, valuable children. And because He is God, He gets to be present, in spirit, with every cluster of cells, sparking hearts into beating if that’s in the plan.

He’s there and sees each soul-beauty, spiritual beauty, and cellular beauty; and, in the rush of the rhythm of a new heartbeat and the tide of the amniotic sea He says,

“This is good. This is life. I love this one especially a lot.”Β 

And we learn, by his love that each is beautiful. Each child born, each woman gray, each old man bent, each and every awkward or neglected or cherished soul. I learned this again one sunshine drenched Sunday near Dilla, Ethiopia when a woman approached me after church with hugs and a prayer. Her name is Doncha, which means “beautiful”. Yes, she is.



  1. Wonderfully written, beautifully said. I am grateful every day for the lessons that being a mother has taught me. Thanks for these lovely words.

  2. You have captured the beauty of a mother’s love perfectly! My first two babies were miscarried, and that rhythm of learning to let go was a hard one for me to find, but I love that He isn’t finished with me yet. That He keeps transforming me and making more beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  3. such a beautiful post. I especially loved where you wrote that children are most beautiful when they are repentant. Though mine are still young, just to hear them ask for forgiveness in their simple way and say I’m sorry is, just as you said, beautiful.

  4. “We don the love goggles before we cradle their new, warm bodies in trembling arms”. How true!

    What a post. So filled with emotion.

  5. Words of beauty….
    “And we learn, by his love that each is beautiful. Each child born, each woman gray, each old man bent, each and every awkward or neglected or cherished soul.”
    Thank you-

  6. I especially love the grand leap in the meadow. Beautiful. And so much work in class to actually accomplish that. Loving your post on beauty today. πŸ™‚

  7. Danelle says

    I love this. . “we are the life bearers but not the life givers.”
    And I love the beauty of when a child is repentant after a season of the hard.
    I see this in my boys all the time.
    And, yes, prayerfully my Heavenly Father sees this in me too.

  8. first of all Alyssa, thank you for finding me, and thank you for commenting, so that way I could find you. Your words are so much more poetic than the ones I can summon up. A year ago I knew there was something magical about the bond between mother and child – but it wasn’t until I began blogging in this community of exceptional Christian women – and most of them mothers – that I finally caught glimpses into that love – love before the baby is born – the love after – and the love mixed with the heaviness when it comes time for them to leave. I read so many – SO MANY Christian mothers – I understand a little of what you wrote of of of. Thank you for adding to my understanding. God bless you and keep you and each and every one of yours this day.

  9. Yes, the beauty of our children comes from the hope and the potential that each one contains. I can’t wait to see what my children can do for themselves and for others.

  10. Beautiful words! I’m amazed how much you can write in only five minutes ;). I see so much beauty in my daughter, I’m still so amazed how much she has made my life more beautiful already. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

  11. Absolutely stunning! I loved this, it was gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your heart and using your writing talent to do so! I appreciate it for sure!

  12. Lori says

    Beautiful words, friend. I’m so glad that you are sharing on this blog and I miss your frequent online updates. I realize now how much they bless me (and others!). I can’t wait to see how God redeems this week’s events and know that somehow, you will use it to bless others. For now, I send my blessings to you.

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