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We Now Interrupt This Life For…Gratefulness

“Yeah, honey,” I answered. Distracted, driving on the freeway, barely listening.
“Did God or Jesus create the whole world?”
“Well, both, together. They are both part of God.”
“Well,” he declared, “God is GOOD!”

“Yes, he is.”

“I mean look at this world! He made it all. Just wonder if we weren’t ever born, we couldn’t see all this!”

My youngest, the boy, sat looking out the side window of the car, watching concrete and steel speeding by in a blur. A sky the color of bachelor buttons brushed with the lightest clouds hung suspended over our city like lapis set on a bezel of scaffolding.

It was just an ordinary trip across town on an average day. What was he seeing that I was missing?

How is it that he was caught in delight, rapturous over the very gift of life, while I was zooming down the interstate toward my exit?

Just wonder if we weren’t ever born, we couldn’t see all this!

Sometimes I think of those who don’t open their eyes, who don’t rush into life on a wave of amniotic fluid, whose lungs never suck in air as the lucky ones. I have two little beloveds that never made it, they were never born and never saw all this world. They were chosen to fly straight to heaven, to the grand glory that is ever-full of God and never once groans for the day of salvation. Sometimes I feel they’ve been spared the grime and toil and muck of this life and instead received instantly the eternal wonder in the presence of God.

But we were born! We can see all of this!

Had I missed the turn-off? Rushing to get from Point A to Point B, I jet through my schedule and responsibilities as fast as I can thinking I’ll relax in heaven. There I’ll be in eternal rest and perfect-body-bliss.

But I’ve missed the exit, missed the point. The road is the journey, dotted with surprises and intrigue and treasure.

I was born to see all of this, and I was born to be grateful with a heart reaching out for more.

To count my self blessed. In the Greek Makarizo.

To pronounce myself happy. Grateful.

Grateful {from Latin gratus} means: feeling or expressing gratitude; thankful; appreciative. Synonyms are: thankful, agreeable, pleasant, refreshing.

Not only can I count my blessings, but I can count myself blessed. Regardless of circumstances, health, finances, relationships… I can count myself blessed. Happy. Grateful.

If we pronounce ourselves happy, we become thankful, agreeable, pleasant and refreshing! We can choose to put ourselves square in the category of “Blessed and Happy”.

We can, like my sun-loving poppies and transcandentia and tulips, open wide to the sun and it’s warmth and be and bloom and bless.

If we want to. If we choose to feel and express gratitude. If we are grateful, makarizo.

  But He said, “More than that, blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it!” [Luke 11:28 NKJV]

To practice makarizo I want to explore, wander, pause, investigate, marvel and declare God is Good!

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  1. I often think how amazing it is that God made us to be able to really appreciate the beauty of His world! How wonderful that your young son is already appreciating this beautiful world and, more importantly, giving God the glory for it!

    • He is a gift, that one. They all are, but God designs each of his kids with certain gifts to bring to the family table, so to speak, and my boy’s a delight. I’m thankful God uses kids to teach us about Himself.

  2. Suzy says

    I love your post today…it makes me remember my son and how he taught me to look more closely at the world. There is so much to enjoy!

  3. Fantastic! I heard something a few months ago that I had not really ever thought of (I don’t know why though)….that God matches us and gives us our specific kids for a reason as well as gave us to them for parents purposefully. We have 5 and they never cease to amaze me and as I step back it’s crazy to see how God has used them to grow me closer to him. Thanks!

    • Maybe He doesn’t match us up for ease and convenience! I do agree and I believe that he equips the called and doesn’t just call the equipped — He will equip us for the task of disciplining our kids if we let Him — and, we’ll learn from our kids along the way, too. Thanks for coming by– do come again.Blessings,Aly

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